The meaning of dragonflies in life

What is the meaning of dragonflies in nature and human life, you will learn from this article.

The importance of dragonflies in human life and nature

Dragonflies are a detachment of predatory insects that have the ability to fly perfectly. Today, this order is represented by more than 5,000 species of dragonflies, most of which live in humid subtropical and tropical zones. In Ukraine, they are distributed throughout the territory, except for areas with an arid climate. In our country, 150 species of dragonflies live.

The dragonfly squad is classified into 3 suborders according to classification:

  • Versatile. The most common of them are dibs and rockers.
  • Diptera. The most common of them are arrows, loves, and beauties.
  • Anisozygoptera. Includes dragonflies of imagoes and nymphs.

It is noteworthy that archaeologists have found the fossilized remains of these predatory insects belonging to the early Triassic.

What is the meaning of dragonflies in human life?

Dragonfly larvae and their adults are extremely voracious. But this is a plus for humans: insects destroy harmful insects. Eating mosquitoes, they bring invaluable benefits not only to humans, but also to animals. Long-winged insects that live on the African continent eat a large number of Tsetse flies.

Besides the fact that they eat harmful insects, dragonflies carry a dangerous infectious disease of poultry - protogonymosis. Their larvae also harm fish farming by eating fry of commercial fish.

Dragonflies: meaning in nature

These insects are part of the food chain. In addition to eating mosquitoes and small flies, dragonflies themselves are food for larger representatives. They are also almost the only carriers of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in nature. This substance is produced only in water, and all animals need it. And dragonflies have an important mission to carry this useful “product” on fragile wings all over the globe.

We hope that from this article you learned what is the meaning of dragonflies in human life and nature.

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