The importance of insects in human life and nature

What is the role of insects in nature of practical and aesthetic importance, you will learn from this article.

The importance of insects in human life and nature

The role of insects in nature is due to their number and diversity. Herbivorous insects feed on plants, and thereby regulate their plant growth, eating the bulk. But parasitic and predatory insects are considered to be regulators of the number of animal representatives that they feed on.

Thus, insects are of great importance as consumers of animal and plant residues.

Insects are pollinators of plants , therefore, play a role in their reproduction. They also take part in soil formation. These organisms not only loosen the soil, but also enrich it with humus. Insects at the same time play the role of orderlies and are participants in the cycle of substances in nature.

In addition, they are considered the most important element of food pyramids : many animals feed on them (amphibians, fish, reptiles, mammals, invertebrates and birds).

The importance of insects in human life

Man domesticated insects for his own benefit. Honey bee produces wax, honey, propolis, royal jelly and apilak. On the basis of these "gifts" people developed beekeeping. Domesticated silkworm supplies us with silk thread. Valuable worms (their wax-like substance is used in electrical and radio engineering), caterpillars of oak cocoonworms (made of silk silk are used to make cheshuy cloth), carmine worms (produce red dye - carmine), and bug bugs (secrete cantharidin from which make an adhesive patch).

Many pollinating insects increase the yield of berries, seeds, fruits of cultivated plants - vegetable, flower, fruit, and fodder. Predators and parasites help eradicate agricultural pests.

The harm of insects in human life

The negative values ​​of insects are that they are carriers of dangerous pathogens of various diseases. On their feet, insects carry fungal bacteria, microbes and other harmful microorganisms that contribute to rotting vegetables and fruits. They also debug larvae in food and even in the wounds of the person himself.

We hope that from this article you learned the importance of insects in nature and human life.

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