The value of sharks in nature and human life

Why sharks are needed in nature and human life, you will learn from this article.

What is the use of sharks for humans?

Even our ancestors made jewelry, charms and amulets from the teeth of these marine predators. Eskimos from shark teeth made knives and scrapers for the skin. But the Indians used them like a razor. Tahitian warriors inserted shark teeth into their batons to make weapons much more dangerous for the enemy. Today, jewelry and amulets are also made of them.

In addition to teeth, the skin of a predator was in great demand. Previously, drums, ropes were made of it, the braid of swords and shields were wrapped around the braid. Even today, the Japanese classic katana has a shagreen shark sheath. Fishermen use the skin of a predator as sandpaper.

Today, shagreen leather is specially treated and shoes made from it. It turns out to be especially strong and reliable. Also, handbags are also sewn from it, given that shark skin is such a textured material.

In addition, a person uses this marine predator for cooking. Her liver is rich in vitamin A. Also, various medications are made from shark liver. It contains the substance squalene, which is used in cosmetology for the preparation of anti-aging, therapeutic, moisturizing creams and other cosmetics.

Scientists from Israel in 2016 examined the shark’s shelter and found antibodies in it that can resist cancer cells. They argue that they will soon be able to synthesize a highly effective drug that can help cancer patients in the fight against the disease.

Delicious dishes are prepared from sharks. Smoked katran is very popular on the Black Sea coast and tastes like a sturgeon balyk. And shark fin soup is the most expensive in the world.

The value of sharks in nature

A shark is an absolute predator and takes its place in the food chain. It acts as a regulator of the number of living organisms living in the deep sea. Sharks destroy weak and sick individuals, due to which the spread of infections in a certain population of the species decreases significantly.

We hope that from this article you learned what the significance of sharks in nature and human life.

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