Jean Calvin main ideas

What are the main ideas of Jean Calvin, you will learn from this article.

Jean Calvin main ideas

Jean Calvin is a French church reformer, theologian, and founder of Calvinism. The history of his teachings should be traced back to 1536, when he moved to live in Geneva and wrote his main work in life under the title “Admonition in the Christian Faith”.

The basic idea of ​​the teachings of Jean Calvin is religious. And on its basis, he was in a hostile relationship with representatives of church movements. The teachings of the French reformer, on the one hand, were pointed out against Catholicism, and on the other, against popular reform. He accused them of materialism and complete godlessness. The main ideas of Jean Calvin included the thesis of divine predestination. According to him, some people are determined to bliss and salvation in the other world, while others are sentenced to death.

Man does not know God's plans, and he is not able to change their actions. Godliness and faith in God are not dependent on human will. According to the teachings of Jean Calvin, the very desire of a person to do things in the name of his own salvation is the action of a deity in him. People can only guess about the life prepared by God from the way life on earth develops. If a person succeeds in professional activity, is devout, virtuous, hardworking and submissive to power, then this is an indicator that God is favorable to him. This part of Calvin’s teaching was developed by his successors under the name of the teaching of “worldly asceticism” and worldly calling. ”

Another side of Calvin’s views says that a person should despise extravagance and pleasure, neglect comfort, be a prudent and thrifty owner, save every penny.

Also, Jean Kelvin believed that:

  • The bourgeoisie has a religious justification of personal rights to a dominant position in society, as it is its most prosperous part.
  • Among all religious rites, Calvin recognized only baptism and burial services.
  • He advocated the abolition of fun music, dancing and colorful clothes.
  • According to his teaching, nobles can overthrow a representative of power if he violated the law of God.
  • Wealth is a sign that a person is faithfully following fate.

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