Jean Calvin Short Biography

Jean Calvin A brief biography of the eminent Reformation activist and founder of Calvinism is outlined in this article.

Jean Kelvin biography briefly

Jean Calvin was born July 10, 1509 in the French town of Noyon. His mother died early, his father was not too busy with the boy. To get an education he helped one noble family, who took Calvin in custody. The young man studied theology, law and art in educational institutions of Orleans and Paris.

In 1534, he wrote his first theological treatise, and after 2 years he had already published the main work entitled “Instructions in the Christian Faith”. In it, he systematically outlined the rationale for the theological Reformation, transferring all attention from the New Testament to the Old.

Jean Calvin interesting facts

The reformist developed the doctrine according to which people are divided into condemned and elected. Instead of caring for the salvation of the soul, he ordered adherence to the moral and ethical principles of asceticism. In Geneva, he managed to bring church reform to life, but it sparked a struggle between the Protestant factions. Therefore, Calvin leaves Geneva for 15 years in 1538. After returning, the reformist with even greater enthusiasm took up the creation of a new Church.

In 1555, the opposition was destroyed or subordinated to them. Jean Calvin introduced meticulous strict regulation of the social, religious and personal life of citizens. In the event of a violation of discipline, punishment was imposed, up to the death of execution. He banned secular entertainment and imposed restrictions on clothing and food.

In 1559, Jean Calvin founded the University of Geneva, which trained theologian preachers of Protestantism. Thanks to his activities, Geneva acquired the status of the spiritual center and stronghold of the Reformation in Europe.

Jean Calvin died in Geneva on May 27, 1564.

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