Jacques Louis David Short Biography

Jacques-Louis David A brief biography of the French artist is outlined in this article.

Jacques Louis David biography briefly

Born August 30, 1748 in the family of a wealthy businessman. The boy was left without a father early, his mother raised him. Carried away by drawing, he entered the prestigious institution, the Academy of Art and Painting, in 1766. Thanks to his teacher, master of ancient art, Joseph Marie Vienne, David in the period 1775-1780 is engaged in a detailed study of antiquity. He was carried away at the Academy by masters of the Renaissance and in his creations this is noticeable.

Jacques Louis David Interesting Facts

He met his first love in 1782. She was Charlotte Pecul. She eventually became his wife, in a marriage with whom 4 children were born.

In 1784, Jacques Louis became a member of the Academy of Painting and from this year begins his successful career as an artist. His old dream has come true - David begins to exhibit his paintings and he has the first fans.

At this time, revolutionary movements begin. And they capture the young artist with his head. Since 1792 he takes an active part in them. Even paintings painted during the revolutionary period are political in nature. Jacques Louis was arrested after the Thermidorian coup. The family was very worried about him. Soon, the artist was acquitted and released.

With the coming to power of Napoleon, David became his supporter. Soon he won the confidence of Napoleon and became the only personal and artist of Bonaparte. After the power of Napoleon fell, the artist with his wife and children escapes to Switzerland. From there he moved to Brussels, continuing to work on new paintings.

Jacques Louis David died on December 29, 1825 in his home in Brussels.

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