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Vasily Zhukovsky short biography

Vasily Zhukovsky brief biography for children of the famous Russian poet, author of lyric ballads and poems, is set out in this article. Vasily Zhukovsky brief biography Born on January 29 (February 9), 1783 in the Tula province, the village of Mishensky in the family of an impoverished nobleman. Initial

George Zhukov biography briefly

Georgy Zhukov, a brief biography for children and adults can be used to prepare a report on Zhukov. Biography of George Zhukov briefly George Konstantinovich Zhukov - Soviet commander. Zhukov was born on December 1, 1896 in the village of Strelkovka of the Kaluga province. Finished school

Georgy Zhukov biography in English

A biography of George Zhukov in English is presented in this article. Georgy Zhukov biography in English Zhukov was the most acclaimed Soviet military commander of World War Two. His victories over the Germany army in the east, often