"Why do I need poetry" composition

Composition: “Do you need poetry in the 21st century?” You can write using the presented version.

"Does modern man need poetry" essay

Poetry ... Such a seemingly simple word in the modern world. But this is a whole engine that can ignite more than one icy heart. And why is poetry important in human life and is poetry necessary in the modern world?

We crossed the border of the new millennium - the time of powerful information resources and technological progress. Today, television and the Internet have entered almost all spheres of life. And people began to forget about aesthetic values ​​and spiritual development. No longer need books, no need for writers. Unfortunately, one often hears: why are these verses?

For me, poetry is an important part of life. This is not just a word. This is what kindles the light in my soul, makes me laugh, cry, enjoy the beautiful. Just think, how many aesthetic lines were presented to us by unsurpassed poets. Pushkin, Nekrasov, Lermontov are real titans who knocked on every door, every soul with a word, as if by deed. It is their poetry from childhood that teaches me to love the Motherland, my family, to be a good friend and a strong personality. Each of their words sounds to me a sweet song.

The heart aches when you realize that now poetry has lost its value. That now this is just the material of textbooks at school. They learn verses by heart, and forget in the morning. And this is wrong. Because they forget history, the culture of the people. Confidence in tomorrow disappears.

Therefore, remember that it is in the multi-color and power of the native word that the people live and prosper. Art is eternal, it cannot be destroyed. You just need to be able to appreciate.

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