"Return" of Platon summary

"Return" of Platon summary

The story “Return” begins with the guard captain Aleksei Alekseevich Ivanov returning to his home after being demobilized from the army. Arriving at the station and waiting for the train, the captain meets a beautiful girl Masha. She was only twenty years old. She was the daughter of a spaceman and worked in the dining room. Masha really liked Ivanov. Having been together for two days on the train, the former soldier wanted to stay a couple of days in Masha’s hometown. When Ivanov said goodbye to the girl, he kissed her and remembered how her hair smelled of autumn fallen leaves.

A day later, the captain arrives in his hometown, where his son Petrushka meets him at the station. The boy was already twelve years old, and at first the father did not recognize his child in a serious youth. On the porch of the house Ivanova was waiting for his wife Lyubov Vasilievna. The captain, hugged her tightly, while he felt the familiar warmth and smell of a loved one. At this moment, Ivanov’s daughter Nastya began to cry, not recognizing her father, and Petrushka began to reassure her. Then the family begins to prepare dinner, in which the most important was a twelve-year-old boy. Ivanov was surprised at him, but the more he liked Nastya. The captain of the guard began to question his wife about their life without him, but she, having weaned from her husband, became embarrassed. Alexei understands that something is stopping him from rejoicing at his return home and that after many years, he cannot understand his family. Already sitting at the table, the father sees that his children are eating little, to which Petrushka replied: "I want you to get more." Then the parents shuddered and began to look at each other. At this time, Nastya hid a piece of cake for Uncle Semyon. Ivanov began to ask his wife who he was, and she told him that this man had lost all his relatives. Semyon also asked Lyubov Vasilievna to play with her children. Listening to his wife, the captain began to smile badly. At this time, Petrushka tells his father to be content, and the captain of the guard felt timidity before his son.

After dinner, the children went to bed, and Alexei, let's pry out from his wife how she had lived without him all this time. He was afraid that his suspicions about the betrayal of his wife would be justified. Lyubov Alekseevna said that they had nothing to do with Semyon, but once she succumbed to the temptation with the instructor of the district committee. But she regrets it. Meanwhile, Petrushka was eavesdropping. And when his father is about to leave, he tells him how difficult it was for them without him and that other people quarrel too, but they reconcile, because they have no one left but themselves. The captain was surprised to listen to his son, but still decides to leave.

The next morning, Alexei goes to the train station, drinks vodka and gets into the car to go to Masha. At that time, Petrushka saw that there was no father. He wakes up Nastya, dresses her and goes to the station. The story ends with Ivanov standing in the vestibule, which passes near his house. There, in the distance, he sees the silhouettes of his children trying to catch up with the train. Then Alexey Ivanov throws a duffel bag to the ground, and he gets off the train and goes towards his children.

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