"Volga and Mikula Selyaninovich" summary for the reader's diary

Bylina "Volga and Mikula Selyaninovich" a summary for the reader's diary

Volga Svyatoslavovich - Prince, nephew of Prince Vladimir, to whom he gave three cities with peasants. Volga collected the "brave squad" and goes to collect tribute. The prince meets in the field a plowman Mikula Selyaninovich.

Mikula talks about the robbers, and the prince, seeing the power of Mikula, invites him to go with him. The peasant agreed to go to the city for a tribute, but, having already left a decent distance from the field, he remembered that he had not pulled out of the ground and had not thrown his plow bushes over the crustacean bush.

The whole squad, by order of Volga Svyatoslavovich, cannot pull this bipod from the ground, and Mikula does this easily to Volga’s surprise. Volga and Minula come to the city, where everyone respects Mikula and is afraid.

Volga saw what respect his new acquaintance enjoys, so he decided to give him three cities with peasants. The prince made the plowman his deputy and ordered him to collect tribute from the peasants.

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