Vitus Bering short biography and interesting facts

Vitus Bering a short biography and interesting facts from the life of the Russian navigator, captain - commander are described in this article.

Vitus Bering short biography

The great navigator (the years of Vitus Bering's life - 1681-1741) was born in Denmark, the small town of Horsens in the family of a customs officer. With his cousin and comrade, he went on a Dutch ship to the East Indies.

After graduation, the young man entered the Cadet Naval Corps. In the period 1695 - 1696 he took part in the Azov campaign. Soon he was enlisted as a non-commissioned officer in the Russian Navy. And in 1706, Bering received the rank of lieutenant.

Soon Peter I included him in the number of commanders of the expedition, which was supposed to pass under the flag of Russia from the ports of the Sea of ​​Azov around Europe to the Baltic.

On the instructions of the emperor in 1725, Vitus led the first Kamchatka expedition to the Pacific Ocean, the purpose of which was to find an isthmus between America and Asia. She was very successful. The first expedition of Vitus Bering ended in the fact that in 1730 he was awarded the rank of captain-commander. Using the favor of the emperor, he was again appointed head of the second Kamchatka expedition. It began in 1733. Its result is a survey of Alaska and mapping the land coast on a map, as well as the Aleutian and Kuril Islands. In addition, on the way home, the sailor met a number of previously unexplored lands. These islands are named after Vitus Bering in modern times, or rather part of them. Here the team stayed for the winter. Most of the sailors died from scurvy, including the commander himself. The journey of Vitus Bering ended on December 8, 1741, with his death.

Vitus Bering interesting facts

Bering's parents were quite wealthy people, his two older brothers studied at the University of Copenhagen. Young Bering himself chose a different path and, as soon as he was 15 years old, was hired by a young man on a ship.

Of the 60 years of his life, Vitus Bering 38 was in the Russian service. Of these, the Kamchatka expeditions took 15 years.

In Russia he was called Ivan Ivanovich.

In all domestic sources, Bering's date of birth is August 12, 1681. But where this date came from is unknown. Indeed, from the church books of Denmark it is known that he was baptized on August 5, 1681. Therefore, a more accurate assumption about the date of his birth can be made - most likely this happened on August 2, 1681.

He was named after his uncle, his mother’s brother: the chronicler of the Royal Court.

In 1713, he married Anna Cristina, daughter of a burgher. It is known that the spouses had 8 children, of whom only 4 survived. His wife, on duty of her husband, also had to get used to the navigation business in order to accompany him everywhere.

The island, strait and sea in the North Pacific Ocean, as well as the Commander Islands, are named after Bering.

Bering's merits were not recognized immediately. The first of the travelers to confirm the accuracy of Bering's research was the English navigator James Cook. It was he who proposed giving Bering the name of the strait between Chukotka and Alaska.

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