Heather Honey Summary

Heather Honey The Stephenson Ballad summary can be remembered in 5 minutes.

Heather Honey Summary

The ballad tells of the extermination by the king of Scotland of the "little people" that formerly inhabited these lands - Stevenson also calls them "picts."

The picts were able to brew a wonderful heather drink, but after their extermination no one else prepared it.
When the time came for heather to bloom, the Scottish king was saddened that no one could brew this beautiful drink.

The last two representatives of this people, father and son, were taken to the king to reveal the secret of making a sweet hop drink from heather, and they are threatened with torture and death at the stake. The old father agrees to reveal the secret. However, he is ashamed to do this in front of his son. Therefore, he asks first to drown a fifteen-year-old youth in the sea.

When the king agrees and the young man is thrown into the waves, the old man says that he is not afraid of a bonfire, but he doubted his son’s fortitude, but he still wouldn’t give out secrets, and she would die with him.

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