“Vasilisa the Beautiful”: summary

A summary of the Russian folk tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful" you can read in 5 minutes.

What does the fairy tale “Vasilisa the Beautiful” teach? A fairy tale teaches kindness, understanding, respect and restraint, good deeds that always defeat evil.

“Vasilisa the Beautiful”: summary

In one kingdom lived a merchant with a merchant. Their daughter Vasilisa was born, but the parents did not rejoice for their happiness for a long time, Vasilisa's mother died, and before her death she called her daughter to her and gave her a magic doll.

This doll was supposed to protect and protect the girl, to help her in everything, as soon as she fed the doll and asked her to fulfill what she needed. Having burnt his father a little, he decided to marry a widow who already had two daughters.

The stepmother was beautiful, but evil and insidious. She harbored a grudge against Vasilisa for being more beautiful and more successful than her daughters; she succeeded in any task entrusted to her.

All the steps of the stepmother Vasilisa was helped by a magic doll, but the stepmother did not know this. The stepmother also ordered her to dig up a garden, and graze the geese, and milk the cow. The doll did all this, but Vasilisa only became prettier.

Soon she turned into a beautiful girl, there was no end from the suitors, but she did not love anyone. Even more angry was the stepmother and stepsisters who were angry at her, towards which the guys did not want to look.

When the merchant left, the stepmother blew out a candle and sent her stepdaughter to the woman-yaga for fire. It was terrible for the girl to go to the forest, but she did not have to choose, she went to her room, fed the doll and she promised to save her from all misfortunes.

Vasilisa went into the forest, and met there a white rider on a white horse, it was the rising sun. Then the girl went, and her rider on a red horse caught up with her, dawn came. Vasilisa came to the hut of Baba Yaga only by the evening of the next day. This place was terrible, the dwelling was surrounded by a wooden fence, on each peg of which there was a skull.

Baba Yaga was not at home, and when she returned, Vasilisa explained why she had come. Baba Yaga did not eat the girl, but made her work. Vasilisa worked day and night, the doll helped her. The girl was curious, she wanted to ask the old woman who the horsemen she had met along the way were asking.

Baba Yaga said that the rider on the white horse is morning, the red rider is the sun, and the black is night.

Asked and Baba Yaga Vasilisa whether she has any secret to help quickly cope with all the work entrusted to her. The girl did not begin to tell about the doll, she only said that the blessing of her deceased mother was helping her. The old woman became angry, drove Vasilisa out of the yard, gave her a skull with a spark and sent her home.

The girl took the skull, but did not dare to go home, she was afraid that the stepmother had already kindled the fire and would scold her for her idle time. Suddenly a voice came from the skull, ordered Vasilisa's voice not to drop the skull, but to go with him to the stepmother. Vasilisa came home, and sees that there is not a spark in the house, her stepmother and her daughter could not light a flame, no matter how hard they tried.

The stepmother was delighted with Vasilisa's return, but only she crossed the threshold of the house, her skull began to sparkle with her eyes, burning her stepmother and her daughters, they could not hide from the omnipresent fire, he burned them to the ground, but did not touch Vasilisa.

The girl buried a skull in the ground, closed the house and went to the city, where she began to live with a childless old woman, waiting for her father to return.

The old woman bought yarn, and weaved Vasilisa a beautiful canvas. The girl’s work was perfect, because the old woman did not go to the bazaar, but carried her to the royal palace. The king was surprised at such beauty and ordered to weave shirts from the canvas, but not a single seamstress took up this work, they were afraid to spoil the wonderful fabric.

The king called the old woman back and asked her to hand over the canvas to the one who wove it, so that she sewed shirts. I came to the palace of Vasilisa, the king saw her, and immediately fell in love, making her queen. He healed Vasilisa in the palace, she transported her father and good old woman there, they lived happily ever after.

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