Valery Bryusov chronological table

Valery Bryusov, a chronological table of the life and work of a Russian poet, prose writer, playwright is set out in this article.

Valery Bryusov chronological table

Bryusov is one of the founders of Russian symbolism.

1873, 1 (December 13) - Valery Yakovlevich Bryusov was born in Moscow in a middle class merchant family.

1885–1893 - study at the gymnasium.

1893 - the first literary experiments. Passion for Verlaine's poetry. Drama Decadents (End of Century).

1893–1899 - study at the historical and philological faculty of Moscow University.

1894–1895 - publishes three collections of Russian Symbolists. The third collection contains the poem “Close your pale legs”.

1895 - the release of the first collection of poems "Chefs d'oeuvre" ("Masterpieces").

1897 - release of the second collection of poems “Me eum esse” (“This is me”). The collection opens with the poem "The Young Poet."

1900 - the third collection of poems “Tertia Vigilia” (“The Third Guard”) is published by the Scorpion publishing house - the “urban” stage of Bryusov’s work.

1903 - a collection of "Urbi et Orbi" ("City and Peace").

1904 - the drama "Earth".

1904–1909 - becomes the actual editor of the monthly journal Libra, the main organ of Russian symbolism.

1905 - the collection "Wreath".

1907 - prose storybook "Earth Axis".

1914 - sent to the front as a war correspondent for Russian News.

1915 - at the invitation of M. Gorky, begins to collaborate in the journal Chronicle.

1917–1919 - Head of the Press Registration Committee.

1919–1921 - Chairman of the Presidium of the All-Russian Union of Poets.

1919 - admitted to the RCP (b).

1921 - organized the Higher Literary and Art Institute (VLHI).

1920-1924 - publishes five collections (“Last Dreams”, “On Such Days”, “Mig”, “Dali”, “Mea”).

October 9, 1924 - Valery Bryusov died in Moscow.

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