V.M. Garshin The Frog Traveler summary

V.M. Garshin The Frog Traveler summary

There was a big frog in the swamp. In autumn, ducks flew past the swamps and stopped to rest and eat. The frog, learning that it was warm in the south, wonderful swamps and clouds of mosquitoes, asked to fly with them. She came up with the idea that if two ducks grab the ends of a twig with their beaks, and she grabs her mouth in the middle, the flock, changing, can bring her to the south. The ducks agreed, admiring her mind.

The frog first flew forward in the face, after a halt it rolled over and asked the ducks to fly lower so that people could see it. She was proud to be able to figure out how to fly south with ducks.

People were surprised: who came up with such a tricky thing? Flying over the third village, the frog could not resist and croaked: it's me! And fell into some kind of swamp. There she said that she had come up with a wonderful way of traveling on ducks and flew to the wonderful south, and now she flew to see how other toads live here, and let the ducks go until spring. But the ducks did not return, because they thought the frog had crashed and felt sorry for it.

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