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"In the penal colony" summary

“In the correctional colony” you can recall the summary of Kafka’s story in 7 minutes. “In the correctional colony” summary The main characters of Kafka's story have no names: Traveler Officer New commandant Convict Soldier The story is dedicated to the Traveler who arrives in

Heather Honey Summary

Heather Honey The Stephenson Ballad summary can be remembered in 5 minutes. “Heather Honey” summary The Ballad tells of the extermination by the King of Scotland of the “small people” that formerly inhabited these lands — Stevenson also calls them “picts”. Picts were able to cook wonderful heather

"Volga and Mikula Selyaninovich" summary for the reader's diary

Bylina “Volga and Mikula Selyaninovich” summary for the reader’s diary Volga Svyatoslavovich - Prince, nephew of Prince Vladimir, to whom he gave three cities with peasants. Volga collected the "brave squad" and goes to collect tribute. Prince meets the plowman in the field

Ray Bradbury "Wind" summary

Ray Bradbury “The Wind” You can recall the summary of the story in 2 minutes. Ray Bradbury “The Wind” read summary Allyn once nearly died in the Himalayas, since then he is confident that he is pursued by a killer wind to pick him up

The Magic Ring Summary

The Magic Ring, a brief summary of the Russian folk tale, will remind you of what it teaches and what. “Magic Ring” summary An old hunter lives with his old woman and son Martynka. When he dies, he leaves his wife and son 200 rubles. Martyn takes 100 rubles and goes to the city to buy bread.

“Vasilisa the Beautiful”: summary

A summary of the Russian folk tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful" you can read in 5 minutes. What does the fairy tale “Vasilisa the Beautiful” teach? A fairy tale teaches kindness, understanding, respect and restraint, good deeds that always defeat evil. "Vasilisa the Beautiful": a brief summary In one kingdom

"Aladdin's Magic Lamp" summary

“Aladdin's Magic Lamp” you can read the summary of the tale in 7 minutes. Fairy tale "Aladdin" brief summary will recall the main events in the tale, but it is better to read it in full. “Aladdin's Magic Lamp” summary An evil Maghrebine sorcerer is looking for a magic lamp

"Return" Platon summary

"Return" Platonov summary The story "Return" begins with the fact that the captain of the guard, Aleksei Alekseevich Ivanov, returns to his home after being demobilized from the army. Arriving at the station and waiting for the train, the captain meets a beautiful girl Masha. She was

"Magus" summary

The Magus Fowles Summary The Magus is a novel by the English writer John Fowles, first published in 1965. The novel takes place in England and Greece in the 1950s. The novel is filled with quite recognizable realities of the time. The main character of the work is Nicholas Erfe

“It's Hard to Be a God” Summary

“It's Hard to Be a God” Summary “It's Hard to be a God” is a science fiction novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. The story takes place in the future on another planet in the state of Arkanar, where there is a humanoid civilization, whose representatives are physically indistinguishable from people. Civilization is at a development level corresponding to