"In the penal colony" summary

“In the correctional colony” you can recall the summary of Kafka’s story in 7 minutes.

"In the penal colony" summary

The main characters of Kafka's story have no names:

  • Traveler
  • an officer
  • New commandant
  • Convicted
  • Soldier

The story is dedicated to the Traveler, who arrives at a penal colony on a remote island. and for the first time sees a cruel car. All information about the execution machine and its purpose is given to him by an officer.

He is invited to attend the execution of the guilty soldier. A simple, somewhat simple-minded soldier, was appointed a servant and supposedly was disobedient to his master, should be killed by a machine with the words "Honor your boss."

The execution usually consisted of the convict being placed in a “special kind of apparatus” for executions. The device works according to the following principle: it scratches a commandment that it has violated on a person’s body, then flips it to the other side and scratches the same words again, only deeper, and so on until the offender dies. Criminal dies slowly within 12 hours

The officer is a supporter of the apparatus and considers it necessary. However, since the death of the old commandant, this punishment has found more and more opponents and a new commandant among them.

The officer asks the Traveler to speak with the current Commandant and support him at the colony command meeting, but the Traveler refuses.

Then the officer frees the Convict and lays in the machine for execution himself. However, the car is faulty and instead of the usual elegant operation, it quickly kills the officer.

After this terrible sight of self-destruction of a man and a car, a traveler, accompanied by two soldiers, visits the grave of an old commandant, who invented this car for executions. The tombstone is set very low, and the inscription states that his followers believe that one day he will rise from the dead and again take control of the colony.

The traveler leaves the island.

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