Ural mountains interesting facts

Interesting facts about the Ural Mountains will help you learn a lot about this natural wonder.

Ural mountains interesting facts for children

In honor of the Ural Mountains, a guitar, a motorcycle and a truck were named.

The length of the Ural Mountains is about 2000 km , and the width of the massif is from 40 to 150 km.

The Ural Mountains are a barrier between Europe and Asia.

Ancient geographers believed that beyond the Ural Mountains the end of the world.

48 of the 55 most necessary and demanded minerals during the Soviet Union were mined in the Urals.

The Ural Mountains began to form over 350 million years ago.

The most ancient mountain on the planet is Mount Pencil, which is part of the Ural mountain range. Geologists estimate its age at approximately 4.2 billion years, and this despite the fact that the age of the Earth itself is about 4.6 billion years.

The height of the most impressive peaks of the Ural Mountains is less than 1900 meters.

The Ural mountain range passes through all climatic zones, except deserts and semi-deserts.

Interesting information about the Ural Mountains : There are many caves in the Ural Mountains. The Kungur ice cave stretches for 5.7 km, although only 1.5 km of them are accessible to tourists. On its territory there are about 50 grottoes, more than 60 lakes and many stalactites and stalagmites from ice. There is always a sub-zero temperature, so you need to dress accordingly to visit it.

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