Walt Whitman Short Biography

Walt Whitman Short Biography

Walt Whitman is an American poet, publicist, his brief biography is set out in this article.

Walt Whitman was born on May 31, 1819 , in a poor family of farmers, in a village on Long Island near Brooklyn (New York). In a large family there were nine children, Walt was the eldest.

From 1825-1830 he studied at Brooklyn school, but due to lack of money he was forced to leave school. He changed many professions: a messenger, a typesetter, teacher, journalist, editor of provincial newspapers. He loved to travel, walked through 17 states.

Since the late 1930s, Whitman's articles appeared in magazines in which he opposed the cult of the dollar, emphasizing that money leads to spiritual devastation.

In 1850, some poems of the poet were printed, in particular, “Europe”. In this work, the author expressed his perception of history, the events of the revolution of 1848, praised freedom.

In 1855, the collection Leaves of Grass was published. A special place in the structure of the book is occupied by “Song of Myself”, which is one of its most important parts. She, like the entire collection, is an expression of the author’s poetic credo.

Among his favorite writers were - W. Shakespeare , C. Dickens , George Sand, P.-J. Beranger, F. Cooper.

During the civil war of 1861-1865. Whitman worked as a nurse in hospitals. The events of the war are dedicated to the poems "Drum battle" and "When the last time the lilac blossomed" (both 1865).

In 1873, the poet broke paralysis, until the end of his life he never recovered. Nevertheless, he continued to write and his works were filled with optimism and confidence. One of Whitman's last poems in which he says goodbye to the world is “Farewell, My Inspiration!”.

March 26, 1892 the poet died.

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