Ray Bradbury "Smile" summary

Ray Bradbury “Smile” You can recall the summary of the story in 3 minutes. Bradbury “Smile” summary Cold Autumn 2061. Big city. More precisely, what remains of it after the atomic bombings. People have lost hope for a better life. They

French lessons summary

“French lessons” - a story by Russian writer Valentin Rasputin in 1973. In the work, the author talks about his life, about his ups and downs. "French Lessons" read summary Events of the story happened in 1948, when the post-war famine was in the yard. The protagonist is an eleven-year-old boy, on behalf of

Andersen Snail and Rose Bush Summary

Andersen “Snail and Rose Bush” summary you can recall in 2 minutes. Hans Christian Andersen “The Snail and the Rose Bush” summary In the garden, a rose bush grew, and under it was a snail. Day after day snail

"French lessons" short retelling

“French lessons” - a story by Valentin Rasputin. "French Lessons" short retelling The narrative in the story is conducted in the first person. The action takes place in 1948. The main character is a boy who is studying in the fifth grade at a regional center located 50 kilometers from him.