Confucius quotes about life and happiness

Confucius quotes about the meaning of life about happiness are collected in this article.

Confucius: quotes and aphorisms about the meaning of life

Simplicity is one of the best qualities of man.

Try to be at least a little kinder, and you will see that you will not be able to commit a bad deed.

In fact, life is simple, but we persistently complicate it.

If we know so little about life, what can we know about death?

A person gets sick for many reasons: some get sick from a cold, some from fatigue and grief.

A truly human husband achieves everything by his own efforts.

Live as you want, and not as others expect from you. It does not matter whether you live up to their expectations or not, you will die without them. And you will win your own victories!

Being outside the house, keep yourself as if you are receiving honored guests. Using the services of people, behave as if you are performing a solemn ceremony. Do not do to others what you do not wish for yourself. Then neither in the state, nor in the family there will be discontent.

To study and, when the time comes, to apply what has been learned to business - isn’t it wonderful! Talking with a friend who has come from far away isn’t it joyful! Not to be appreciated by the light and not to hold a grudge - is it not sublime!

If you spit in the back, then you're ahead.

The one that moves the mountains first removes the small pebbles.

The only real mistake is not to correct your past mistakes.

Not the one who never fell, but the one who fell and stood up!

Confucius Quotes with Meaning

Forget resentment, never forget kindness.

You can overcome bad habits only today, and not tomorrow.

Silence is a great friend who will never change.

The word must be true, the action must be decisive.

An angry man is always full of poison.

When it seems to you that the goal is unattainable, do not change the goal - change your plan of action.

Confucius quotes about people

Young people should not be treated down. It may well be that, having matured, they will become outstanding men. Only one who has not achieved anything after reaching the age of forty or fifty does not deserve respect.

Be strict with yourself and gentle with others. So you protect yourself from human hostility.

Confucius quotes about happiness

Happiness is when they understand you, great happiness is when they love you, real happiness is when you love.

Misfortune came - a man gave birth to him, happiness came - a man raised him.

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