"Frog Princess" heroes

The fairy tale “The Princess - the Frog” is popular and carries a certain meaning - it teaches good, faith in the victory of good over evil. The main characters of the fairy tale “The Frog Princess” are well known to all children.

Story about the heroes of the “Frog Princess”

The main characters of the fairy tale “The Frog Princess” are Ivan Tsarevich, Vasilisa the Wise and Koschey the Immortal. There are secondary characters. These include the parents of Tsarevich, Baba Yaga, brothers of Ivan Tsarevich, the sorcerer.

The main idea that runs through the whole composition with a red thread is to help others from a pure heart, be selfless and sooner or later it will return to you with great good. The tale teaches you to be purposeful, to be responsible for your actions, not afraid of difficulties, and all the peaks will be conquered.

Goodies of the fairy tale "The Frog Princess"

The main positive characters of the fairy tale princess the frog are Vasilisa the Wise and Ivan Tsarevich. Vasilisa is a real ideal of a woman: smart, faithful, loving. Her talents are multifaceted, and beauty is simply amazing. But the main character of the tale Tsarevna Frog Ivan Tsarevich is a kind, valiant, brave and selfless character who is ready to go to the ends of the world for the sake of his beloved. He can even fight a deadly battle with the negative character of the fairy tale - Koshchei the Immortal. In addition, the Tsarevich more than once showed generosity, selflessness and mercy. These qualities allowed him to find true friends who have repeatedly helped Ivan Tsarevich.

It is worth noting that in the fairy tale of the Frog Princess, the main characters could not pass all the trials without their assistants, secondary characters - talking animals, helping mother Vasilisa - the nannies, the old man who gave Tsarevich a guide ball, Baba Yaga, who helped him find his way to the kingdom Koshchei.

Negative heroes of the tale "The Frog Princess"

The negative hero is Koschey the Immortal. He is malicious, loving and appears in many folk tales as a kidnapper of beauties. His actions are far from moral and ambitious, but he always gets what he deserves.

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