Thomas Hobbes short biography

  Thomas Hobbes a brief biography of the English philosopher outlined in this article.

Thomas Hobbes short biography

The future thinker was born on April 5, 1588 in the southeastern county of England, near the town of Malmesbury, in the family of a rural priest. First, he received his education at a parish school, which he attended from 8 years old. After Thomas studied in a private institution. His director noticed the boy's giftedness and gave him extra lessons in the evenings. Hobbes absorbed knowledge like a sponge. At the age of 14 he made a Latin poetic translation of the ancient Greek tragedy "Medea".

With the assistance of the director of a private school and financial assistance from his uncle, in 1603, Thomas enrolled at Oxford University College. Here he studied Aristotelian physics and logic for 5 years, improved his knowledge in Latin and Greek. For hours in bookstores and workshops, Hobbes studied atlases and maps.

Thomas Hobbes Interesting Facts

In 1608 he received the position of mentor and companion of Baron Cavendish, after the Earl of Devonshire. He was accepted into the family of aristocrats as a personal secretary and home teacher. Together with his pupil, the philosopher in 1610 sets off on a three-year trip abroad - they visit France and Italy. In 1620, he met with the philosopher Bacon, with whom he began to communicate closely.

Hobbes in 1628 made a translation of Thucydides into English. When his patron, Earl of Devonshire, died, he transferred to the service of a Scottish nobleman. With him, the philosopher also went on a trip to France and lived in Paris for 18 months.

In 1631 he returned to England, as there was a proposal to raise the son of his deceased patron. In 1634 - 1636, Thomas Hobbes made the third trip with a pupil to the continent.

In 1640, he created the first draft of the philosophical system - “Fundamentals of Law”. But at home it was not accepted, and he had to emigrate to France for 11 years. Here he published the Fundamentals of Philosophy and On the Citizen. The last book was included in the Index of Prohibited Books.

In 1646, he received an offer to become a mathematics teacher for the Prince of Wales, the heir to the English throne. In August 1647 he became ill and spent 3 months in bed. Having recovered, the thinker continued to work on his fundamental work “Leviathan”, which consisted of 4 parts. The further biography of the philosopher is full of ups and downs as a result of the publication of his books. They have always been perceived differently by society.

Thomas Hobbes died on December 4, 1679.

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