Theodore Roosevelt Short Biography

Theodore Roosevelt A brief biography of the 26th US President is outlined in this article.

Theodore Roosevelt Short Biography

The future president (Theodore Roosevelt years of rule - September 14, 1901 - March 4, 1909) was born on October 27, 1858 in New York in a family that belonged to high society. From childhood, the boy was short-sighted and suffered from asthma. Then it was an incurable disease, and he did not go to school while in home schooling. Private teachers instilled in him a love of literature and philosophy. His family traveled frequently, so Teddy had the opportunity to study Palestinian, European, and Egyptian cultures.

Thanks to private teachers and mental abilities, he enrolled at Harvard University. In his student days, Roosevelt began to engage in politics, joining the Republican Party. At the university, he studied history and jurisprudence. In 1880, after graduating from Harvard, the young man completely devoted himself to politics.

In 1881, the future 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, wrote the first historical book, The War of the Sea of ​​1812, and began studying in Germany. A year later, he became a member of the New York State Legislature. In 1884 there were tragic events in his life that prompted Roosevelt to retire for some time in Dakota: his mother and wife died.

Only in 1886 he again returned to the political arena and ran for mayor in New York. But the attempt was not successful. Theodore Roosevelt received his first political post in 1895. He was appointed New York City Police Chief. In 1897, the figure adjoins the team of the future president of America, William McKinley, and began working as deputy naval minister.

After the Spanish-American War (Theodore created a detachment that was distinguished by courage in Cuba), the future president became famous as a national hero. In 1899, Roosevelt became governor of New York. Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy was directed to the Pacific and Latin America, where he planned to create a powerful navy.

When the next presidential election took place in America on November 6, 1900, the McKinley team won the race. Theodore leaves the post of governor and receives the post of vice president of the United States. In 1901, McKinley won the election for the second time. The president was so passionate about foreign policy that he forgot about the needs of his citizens. As a result, an attempt was made on him, and on September 14, 1901, McKinley died of wounds. Roosevelt becomes the current US President on the same day. What has Theodore Roosevelt done as president? He adhered to McKinley's policy, his main goal was the formation of America as a dominant power in the world arena, as well as the ousting of Western Europe from it. In 1908, the president refused to go for a third presidential term, nominating William Taft as his protege. But he lost the election. In 1911-1912, Theodore Roosevelt put forward his candidacy for the presidency, but Woodrow Wilson won.

At the age of 60, the health of the 26th president of the USA worsened, heart problems started. The politician was preparing for bed on January 5, 1919. He died in a dream from a blood clot.

Interesting facts about Theodore Roosevelt

  • He loved to start the morning with fried eggs . At breakfast he could eat about a dozen eggs.
  • He was the youngest president in American history. At the time of election he was 42 years and 10 months old.
  • Roosevelt was the first president to invite a representative of the African American race to the White House.
  • He loved to travel.
  • In his life he has written 40 books.
  • Theodore Roosevelt had two pets - a guinea pig and a snake!
  • From childhood, he was instilled with a love of sports, Theodore had broad shoulders and muscles.
  • The beloved Teddy bear was named in honor of the 26th President of the United States.
  • Roosevelt was the first American resident to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He received the award for concluding an agreement between Japan and Russia.
  • He was married twice. His first wife was the daughter of the famous banker Alice Hathaway Lee, they married on October 27, 1880. Alice died 48 hours after the birth of her daughter, and the mother of Theodore Roosevelt died later that day! Roosevelt's second wife was Edith Kermit Carow. They married on December 2, 1886. They have known each other since childhood and together they had five children.

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