Theodore Roosevelt Interesting Facts

Theodore Roosevelt interesting facts about the 26th US President are outlined in this article.

Theodore Roosevelt Interesting Facts

He loved to start the morning with fried eggs . At breakfast he could eat about a dozen eggs.

He was the youngest president in American history. At the time of election he was 42 years and 10 months old.

Roosevelt was the first president to invite a representative of the African American race to the White House.

He loved to travel.

Theodore Roosevelt had two pets - a guinea pig and a snake!

From childhood, he was instilled with a love of sports, Theodore had broad shoulders and muscles.

The beloved Teddy bear was named in honor of the 26th President of the United States.

Roosevelt was the first American resident to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He received the award for concluding an agreement between Japan and Russia.

Roosevelt was the first president to fly a plane, ride and own a car, and dive in a submarine.

Roosevelt was a writer. He wrote his first book, The Naval War of 1812, at age 23, and earned a reputation as a serious historian. During his life, Roosevelt wrote 38 books and about 150,000 letters , including an autobiography, a biography of Oliver Cromwell, the history of New York and the four-volume series Victory of the West.

As a child, Roosevelt witnessed the funeral procession of Abraham Lincoln. There is a photograph of a young Roosevelt watching the procession in New York in April 1865, which appeared in the 1950s. Young Roosevelt and his brother were in his grandfather's mansion.

He was married twice. His first wife was the daughter of the famous banker Alice Hathaway Lee, they married on October 27, 1880. Alice died 48 hours after the birth of her daughter, and the mother of Theodore Roosevelt died later that day! Roosevelt's second wife was Edith Kermit Carow. They married on December 2, 1886. They have known each other since childhood and together they had five children.

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