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The Brothers Grimm “Three Brothers” summary

Brothers Grimm “Three Brothers” You can recall the summary of the tale in 2 minutes. Brothers Grimm “Three Brothers” at a Glance The main characters in the fairy tale “Three Brothers” are a father and three brothers. There once lived a father and he had three

Agatha Christie's “Secret of the Egyptian Tomb” summary

Agatha Christie's “The Secret of the Egyptian Tomb” summary of Agatha Christie’s story “The Secret of the Egyptian Tomb” short retelling

"Tom Sawyer" summary in English

"Tom Sawyer" summary in English "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" in English will recall the main events in the story of Mark Twain. Tom Sawyer lives with his Aunt Polly and his half-brother Sid. He skips school to swim and is made

Dark Beginning Summary

“Dark Beginnings” Philip Pullman Summary “Dark Beginnings” is Philip Pullman’s fantastic trilogy. Includes the novels Aurora Borealis, The Wonderful Knife, and The Amber Telescope. "Northern Lights" summary The novel takes place in a fictional parallel world, where science and magic are intertwined, where people live in addition to

Maugham Theater Summary

Theater Maugham at a Glance Theater is a well-known 1937 novel by the English writer Somerset Maugham. A subtle, ironic story of a brilliant, smart actress, celebrating the “midlife crisis” with a romance with a handsome young man. The main character of the novel is Julia Lambert. She is 46 years old. She is the most

Three Fat Men Summary

“Three Fat Men” is a tale of Yuri Olesha about the revolution, which was raised by the poor under the leadership of a gunsmith Prospero and gymnast Tibul against the rich (fat men) in a fictional country. “Three Fat Men,” a summary The Country is ruled by Three Fat Men, monopolist tycoons who have no titles or formal positions. Who

“Tim Thaler, or Laughter Sold” summary

Tim Thaler, or Laughter Sold - is a fantastic philosophical novel by James Crews. The moral of the book is unpretentious: sincere happy laughter is more expensive than all money. “Tim Thaler, or Laughter Sold” is a summary of Hamburg. The beginning of the 1930s. Little boy Tim Thaler lives with his father and

"Mysterious Garden" summary

“The Mysterious Garden” is a novel by the Anglo-American writer Francis Eliza Burnett. “Mysterious Garden” summary This story begins in the late XIX and early XX centuries. Mary Lennox arrives from India to Yorkshire (in those days, India was still part of the British Empire, and many people

"Tom Sawyer" chapter summary

“Tom Sawyer,” a summary of the chapters in the novel by Mark Twain, you can read in 30 minutes. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, a summary of the chapters in Chapters 1, 2 of Tom Sawyer, briefly —Tom! No answer. - Tom! No answer. - It's amazing where he could have gone.