"Swineherd" summary

Swineherd Andersen Summary

The poor prince wants to marry the emperor’s daughter and sends her two presents, a nightingale and a rose. The princess rejects modest gifts, as they are real and natural, not artificial. The prince then disguises himself and takes a job as a swineherd at the palace. Once working, he creates a music pot. The princess made her way through the mud to the backyard of the swineherd and “paid” 10 kisses for a pot.

When the swineherd created a musical rattle following the pot, she “paid” 100 kisses for her. The emperor, disgusted by the fact that his daughter kissed a swineherd for a toy, expels them from the state. The prince, believing that the princess is unworthy of his love, washes himself, puts on his royal robes and tells her about his contempt just like her father. The princess remains outside the palace, singing sadly.

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