Steppe eagle: interesting facts

Steppe eagle: interesting facts

He can see his prey at a distance of 2 kilometers.

The steppe eagle can soar in the air even during a hurricane.

Each eye can focus on two subjects at once.

In antiquity, the eagle was considered a symbol of good luck and victory, and in China and Egypt a symbol of the sun.

He can lift a small deer into the air.

During the "soaring" the eagle can fly at a speed of 190 to 240 kilometers per hour

Eagle eyes close two centuries: transparent and dense. The first, completely transparent, are adapted to counteract prey or strong winds. And the latter let you sleep.

Eagles are very faithful birds, they create a couple for life. Some ornithologists have discovered a pair of eagles that have lived together for more than thirty-five years.

They lend themselves well to training and are not so aggressive compared to other large eagles.

Steppe eagles are great parents. Instinctively, they realize that the most dangerous age in life eagles begins at the time when they begin to learn to fly. On hot days, they soar above the chicks, protecting them from the hot rays of the sun, like under an umbrella. During strong cold winds, wings become a reliable shelter and do not allow babies to freeze. And when the baby eagles begin to fly, they with the help of their huge wings sometimes not only support the kids, but can even support them in flight.

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