Message about stingrays

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Message about stingrays

Stingray - marine cartilaginous fish, which differs from others in the presence of electric paired organs. The squad of stingrays includes 4 families and 60 species of fish.

Description and characteristic of electric ramp

The body of the fish is disc-shaped, which is slightly elongated at the end in the form of a tail. She has a caudal fin, as well as one or two upper fins. The size of the ramp body can reach up to 50 cm. But in nature there are also larger representatives, whose body length can reach 1.2 m, and weight is 100 kg.

Stingray is a sea fish and it has a different color: from a discreet simple color to a bright color with variegated drawings and patterns on the body. It is noteworthy that their eyes are located on top, therefore this species of fish has relatively low vision. The disk-shaped body on the sides is equipped with kidney-shaped organs that are capable of generating electricity. They are located between the pectoral fins and the head. These bodies are designed for catching prey and self-defense. With their help, electric slopes release electric beam-like discharges with a power of up to 220 volts and hit their prey.

Where do the ramps live?

Stingrays live on reefs, in areas of sandy beaches, clay bays. Sometimes they can settle in the depths of the oceans and seas. The maximum habitat depth is 1000 m. Fish prefers to live in the waters of tropical and temperate climatic zones.

From birth, stingrays can already produce an electric charge. One female can bring 8 to 14 babies into the world.

In addition to electrical abilities, these fish have another talent: they are wonderful swimmers. Thanks to the rounded fins, they seem to soar in the water and overcome great distances with special efforts.

What do stingrays eat?

Electric stingray feeds mainly on carrion and fish. Small-sized species of stingrays feed on small marine plankton: fish, octopus, crabs. Large species eat capelin, salmon, sardine, and mullet. In pursuit of prey, the ramp spreads its fins. Having caught up with him, he hugs the victim with fins and floats an electric discharge.

Stingrays: interesting facts

  • In ancient Greece, electric stingray was used as a painkiller in operations. They became the prototype of the appearance of modern medical electrical devices.
  • The most dangerous creature in the oceans is a stingray. It has a 15-centimeter spike in the tail. The fish makes a laceration that is incompatible with life.
  • Manta ray can jump from water up to 3 meters high.
  • The female Sea Devil bears only one baby throughout the year. At birth, it weighs 10 kg.
  • The only species of stingrays that lives in Ukraine is the Sea Cat. It is poisonous. But his meat is still considered a delicacy. There is a lot of vitamin D in the stingray liver.
  • In ancient times, the thorns of the tailed stingrays of the rays of the tribes of the Pacific basin were used as a tip for spears and arrows. They were saturated with poison and were deadly weapons.
  • Sawfish stingray is considered the oldest fossil of the Mesozoic era. Their capture is strictly prohibited. Even in ancient times, it was revered by Asian peoples and the Aztecs.

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