Nigeria Report

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Nigeria Report

The message about Nigeria should begin with the fact that the country is located on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Its area is 923 768 km 2 . Nigeria borders with Benin in the west, with Niger in the north, with Chad in the northeast, with Cameroon in the east.

The population of Nigeria at the end of 2017 was 194,615,054 people.

Consists of 36 states and the metropolitan area. The largest city is Lagos (8 million), the former capital. Other major cities are Kano, Ibadan. The capital is the city of Abuja.

The most common religions in Nigeria are Christianity and Islam.

Relief of nigeria

The highest point in the country is Mount Chappal Waddy, which is located on the border with Niger and Cameroon. In the southern part of Nigeria, the Seaside Plain is located, and in the northern part there are low plateaus. The coastal plain was formed due to river deposits and along its coast are chains of sand spits. In the north, the territory passes into the Yoruba plateau, a low plateau. Next to it is the Northern Plateau. In the northwestern part of Nigeria, the plateau is replaced by the plains of Borno and Sokoto.

Climate of Nigeria

The climate of the country is equatorial. There are 2 climatic zones on the territory: a very humid and hot climate along the coast and changeable in the north depending on the time of year. The average annual temperature is + 25 ° C.

For a year in the country an average of 4,000 mm of precipitation falls in the Niger Delta and no more than 500 mm in the far north.

Water Resources of Nigeria

Nigeria is divided by the valleys of the largest rivers Benue and Niger. It is separated from the ocean by a belt of narrow coastal swamps. The main water tributaries of the country: Kaduna, Sokoto and Gongola, Imo and Cross. The largest lake in the country is Chad.

Soil and Fossils of Nigeria

In Nigeria, almost all soils are acidic, formed on sandstones. In the north, they formed from desert sands. Deposits of sedimentary rocks that are enriched in iron have been found in the country. Also, many iron ore deposits have been found here. But they are not being developed. The largest of them are in Sokoto, Mount Patti. Previously, the country mined natural gas, oil, columbite, tin and limestone. Today, the extraction of these minerals is less intense.

Flora and fauna of Nigeria

Nigeria lies in the rainforest and savannah area. On the coast of the country swamp forests prevail, which are replaced by dense tropical forests. They grow trees such as kaya, triplochiton hard-ground, high chlorophore, oil palm. The northern part of the country is characterized by a change of forests to tall grass, shrubbery. The following trees are common in the country: baobab, tamarind, pseudoacacia, acacia, mimosa, isoberlinia, kaya, mitragin. The Sahel savannah stretches in the northeast of the state, and only near Lake Chad do juicy greens, papyrus and reed thickets grow.

The diversity of the animal world is mainly preserved in national reserves and parks. Their placement depends on the flora. In the southern forests and swamps live monkeys, crocodiles and snakes, in the north - camels, antelopes, hyenas. Less often here you can meet lions and giraffes. Gazelles, elephants, leopards and gorillas live in rainforests and wet savannahs.

There are fish and hippos in the waters. Among birds, vultures, African bustards, kites, snipe, hawks, quail, ostriches, parakeets and pigeons are common.

Nigeria Attractions

The National Museums of Nigeria has a huge collection of art objects that covers all the historical periods of the country's development. Museums in Ibad, Kaduna, Benin City, Ilorin, and José deserve special attention.

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