Dinosaur Report

Everything about dinosaurs for children is information about animals that inhabited our planet millions of years ago.

Dinosaur Report

Dinosaurs are considered lizards; they, like no other animal species, are of particular interest to adults and children. These are the most amazing creatures that have ever lived on the planet. Their fossilized remains were first discovered in the 30s of the 19th century. But then scientists did not pay enough attention to the find. After some time, only when the finds were repeated, it became clear that the remains belong to prehistoric creatures. It became a real sensation. In 1854, Benjamin Hawkins (sculptor), using the model of Dr. Owen, created the world's first real-life dinosaur sculpture.

Thus began the development of a new science - paleontology. The English zoologist Owen introduced the term “dinosaur”, which means “terrible pangolin”.

When did the first dinosaurs appear?

For the first time, dinosaurs appeared on the planet about 230 million years ago, during the Triassic period. All dinosaurs of the world at that time were exclusively predators and belonged to the theropod group. Later, in the process of evolution, herbivorous animals appeared — the prozuaropods.

Dinosaurs all kinds

At the end of the Triassic period, the species diversity of dinosaurs increased significantly. Predatory and herbivorous animals walked the earth, pterosaurs soared in the air, and giant ichthyosaurs dominated the deep sea. By the Jurassic period, they occupied ecological niches, becoming the dominant species.

In the Cretaceous period, the diversity of animal species reached a maximum: ankylosaurus, therizinosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus, and tarbosaurus.

The most famous dinosaurs include:

  • Tyrannosaurus This is the largest land predatory dinosaur with powerful jaws.
  • Allosaurus It is considered the most famous and studied predatory dinosaur of the Jurassic period, as well as the most ferocious and dangerous animal of the Mesozoic era. He ate only the meat of other dinosaurs.
  • Diplodocus . It is the longest and most studied herbivorous dinosaur. Because of his giant plants, he had no enemies.
  • Stegosaurus Representative of the species of poultry-dinosaurs. A distinctive feature of the animal is diamond-shaped plates, located along the tail and back in 2 rows in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Triceratops . The largest horned dinosaur. From afar, it resembles rhinos. There were 3 horns on his head - two long on the forehead and another one near his mouth.
  • Pterodactyl . This is an omnivorous reptile that has adapted to flight.

When did dinosaurs die out?

Dinosaurs dominated the planet for about 130 million years, which is 100 times more than humans exist. But 65 million years ago, they became extinct along with most of the marine life and flying reptiles. But why did this happen? There are several versions. The most common version is that our planet collided with an asteroid. This caused a terrible explosion, which entailed tragic changes not only in the Earth’s climate, but also in its geological structure. Other scientists claim that the end of the dinosaur era was put by the first predatory mammals that feed on their eggs and cubs. There is also a version that the giants disappeared through lowering the level of water in the sea or a jump in the magnetic field of the planet. But what really happened is no longer possible to find out.

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