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A message on the topic “Inventions of the Ancient Chinese”, briefly presented in this article, will tell you about the most useful inventions of this people, which today have not lost their relevance.

Chinese Inventions Report

We present to you the TOP of the most important inventions of ancient China, without which modern man cannot imagine his life.

  • Compass

The compass was invented in China during the Song Dynasty and was used to indicate the direction of movement in the deserts

  • Powder

Everyone remembers that the Chinese invented gunpowder. The military treatise "U-ching zong-yao" (1044) describes various methods of making gunpowder with a nitrate content of 27 to 50 percent.

  • Paper

The paper that everyone uses today was invented in China at the end of the 1st - the beginning of the 2nd century BC. It was first made from mulberry bark by Cai Lun. Moreover, this sheet of paper has survived to the present day. The Chinese have owned a paper monopoly for 800 years.

  • Ice cream

Today, in the hot heat, everyone is chilled with a glass of cool ice cream. And how many have thought that ice cream was also invented in China? His recipe was brilliantly simple: only milk and snow. Marco Polo brought this cool sweetness to Europe from China.

  • Noodles

Once upon a time, the Chinese thought about creating a dish that could be stored for a long time: tasty and inexpensive. The oldest noodles are about 4000 years old. In China, it was a symbol of strength and longevity. Therefore, today it is served for the new year and wedding.

  • Zero

Without this figure, the existence of mathematics and a decimal number system is not possible. And all this, again, the Chinese came up with back in the XIV century BC.

  • Toilet paper

The first toilet paper is mentioned in Chinese sources dating to 589. It is noteworthy that for a long time only members of the imperial family used it.

  • Silk

The history of creating silk is very beautiful. One day, the wife of the Chinese emperor Huang Di was sitting in the garden and drinking tea. A silkworm cocoon suddenly fell into her cup. The cocoon opened in warm water, and the woman realized how thin silkworm threads could be applied. But this is just a legend. In fact, it was invented long before the reign of Emperor Huang Di: it is known that in 3630 BC it definitely already existed.

  • Sunglasses

They were also invented in China and not for protection from sunlight. Only judges wore dark glasses during the hearing to hide their emotions from the information they heard.

  • Fork

Archaeologists in 2400 Chinese burial sites found bones forks. They began to use chopsticks only in the Middle Ages.

  • Toothbrush

The first to brush their teeth were the Egyptians. But they did it with a twig, having previously chewed and tattered it. Toothbrush in its modern form appeared in China. A natural bristle from a boar ridge was attached to a bamboo stick. This invention was completed in 1498.

  • Paper money

At first, copper was used in China. But once the state fell into a difficult situation - a shortage of this metal began to be observed in the country, the mines were exhausted and closed. Then paper money was invented.

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