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Cuckoo's description

You can write a description of the cuckoo for children in the artistic or scientific style using the provided works. Description of the cuckoo bird. Probably each of us knows who the cuckoo is. But few people know how she looks. Cuckoo - very popular

The composition "Easter in our family"

You can write an essay on the theme: “My favorite Easter holiday” using this option. Easter traditions of my family Easter is one of the largest religious holidays for the Orthodox. After all, it was on this holy day that Jesus Christ rose

Composition on the theme “The work of the farmer”

An essay on the theme “The work of the farmer” tells what the farmers do and who the farmer is. The story about the profession of the breadman The bread is probably the most sacred thing in the life of any person. Without it, it is impossible to imagine a table. 'Cause bread is wealth

Composition “Responsibility for one’s actions”

“Responsibility for your actions” you can write a work using the presented option. “We are responsible for our actions”, the essay “To live life - not the field to go over” - very often we came across these words in books. But each of us

What do I need for happiness? essay

What does a person need to be happy? Such a question worries people for a long time, but there is no definite answer. What makes us happy with others may not bring joy. The work sets out the thoughts of an individual person. “What is a person’s happiness?” Essay What

"The beauty of the soul of man" essay

What is more important internal or external beauty? The answer to this question seems simple, but still consider the problem in more detail. The work “What is the beauty of the soul?” In the modern world, one can rarely meet a truly beautiful person. Yes, beautiful. Not made up

"What is politeness" essay reasoning

Composition-reasoning “Why should everyone be polite?” You can write using this example. A courtesy essay shows the significance of this trait in the modern world. “Why do we need politeness” composition Each person is endowed with both positive and negative qualities. One

Christmas traditions of my family

You can write the composition “Christmas traditions of my family” using the above version. Composition: “Christmas in my family” There are many religious holidays in our country. Each of them is important, accompanied by certain actions and songs. Each has its own traditions, which

"My family traditions" essay

“My family traditions” composition can become an example and help to tell about family traditions. “Composition of“ The Traditions of My Family ”Over time and modernity, traditions in our families have undergone certain transformations. Already rarely seen at the celebration of Andrei, Ivan

The story of bread

The story about bread for children will help you write a mini-essay about bread and learn about its value in our lives. A short story about bread for children Since ancient times, bread for people has been holiness. Before you get to the table