The work "Indifference is the highest cruelty"

The work “Indifference is the highest cruelty” reveals the significance of this problem in the modern world.

Composition "Indifference"

Each person is characterized by feelings, such as love, kindness, anger, hypocrisy. These qualities can probably be continued indefinitely. Along with these qualities is indifference - such a seemingly ordinary feeling is increasingly appearing in the modern world. But what is the terrible indifference?

I believe that first of all this is a property of the soul and a real disaster for society. Of course, there is indifference in everyone. It’s just that someone manifests itself to a greater extent, someone else - less. But fear is what it is. And it is a fact!

Today, indifference can be observed at every turn. Every morning we go to school or work the same way. And every morning, for example, an old woman asks for alms from the church. And we pass by and don’t even notice such daily, at first glance, trifles. Constant concern does not allow us to stop. And the wall grows. No wonder they say: "The highest wall in the world is the wall of indifference." Everyone has her own. Is it not obvious that today indifference has reached tremendous proportions. We have long had no business with a person who is walking along the street and crying or a homeless kitten freezes in the street. We just don't care.

Therefore, indifference is paralysis of the soul. It makes us strangers to each other and breeds cruelty. We will not be indifferent, we will be people!

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