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The essay about mermaids contains interesting information about these mythological creatures.

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As a child, we read fairy tales, watched cartoons. And each time in the head they drew the image of a mermaid. That it’s a half-fish, a half-girl who is able to fascinate young men and take them under their water. Who are the mermaids?

Mermaids in mythology are a very mystical concept. About these creatures spoke in ancient times. But are there really mermaids? There are no answers yet. Someone does not believe this, someone assures that he saw with his own eyes. However, there is a legend that mermaids are brides who have died or drowned. Therefore, their soul is restless. And they are looking for lost guys, singing magic songs to them, beckoning to ponds.

Night is considered the best time of day for mermaids. The moon is their sun. They come out of the water, land on the beach and begin to comb their long hair. No wonder they say that unmarried guys should not go into the water on the night of Ivan Kupala. There death awaits them. People say that you can protect yourself from mermaids if you bake bread in the Trinity and put it on the windowsill. It will be a kind of reckoning from these creatures.

Mythology distinguishes between several types of mermaids: water, field and forest. Remember only Mavka from Lesya Ukrainka's Forest Song. Why aren't you a mermaid? A beautiful green-eyed girl who came from the forest and fascinated the heart of a young guy. Also, these creatures are found in the works of Taras Shevchenko.

Mermaid is a rather colorful image of mythology. She has a synthesis of feelings: love, revenge, lyricism, romance, and most importantly - mysticism.

Belief in mermaids is everyone’s personal affair. But they did not appear just like that. So these stories about the queens of the rivers are not just mystical stories and stupid inventions. Who knows…

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