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Message about vegetables for children

It's probably hard to meet someone who would never eat vegetables. Because since childhood we have been taught that this is the basis of our nutrition, a storehouse of healthy vitamins and minerals. And indeed it is.

Of course, each of us chooses what he likes. And raw vegetables give us special benefits. Science has proven that people who had raw vegetables in their diet lived much longer. Vegetables help to neutralize cholesterol and obesity in the body, contribute to the rapid digestion of foods and even restore strength. And what kind of vegetables are considered the most healthy?

Take for example onions. In some, tears begin to appear from his mention. Indeed, the bow causes such a reflex. But few people know that this particular vegetable kills viral microbes and helps to overcome many diseases.

Carrots are an equally healthy vegetable. Most often it is given to children to improve vision. Another important component of our diet is cabbage. What better effect on the functioning of the heart than ordinary cabbage? In addition, it is an excellent source of antioxidants. It removes cholesterol, destroys toxins, and its juice helps with ulcers. Everyone knows that cabbage is tasty in any form: raw, pickled, boiled and even fried. Well and, of course, beetroot known to all. This vegetable has unusual properties and helps in the prevention of lung cancer.

As you can see, each vegetable is useful in its own way. This is a wonderful complex of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, to be healthy, beautiful and feel confident, eat more vegetables!

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