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Easter traditions of my family

Easter is one of the largest religious holidays for the Orthodox. After all, it was on this holy day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. It is believed that on Easter all Christians, praying, receive spiritual cleansing.

Easter in my family is a special holiday. It has many different family traditions. From early childhood, I could not wait until the pre-holiday Saturday. On this day, the whole family is preparing for an important event. Grandmother and mother carefully bake Easter cakes, and dad and I paint eggs. Then, in festive clothes and packing baskets, we go to night service in the church. And how difficult it is to stand in the church, and grandmother says that some healing power enters our bodies and souls.

Smart baskets, cakes, bacon, sausages. There are as many people in the church as there are bees in the hive. All bow before the Almighty, ask for grace, health, peace. On this day, they even greet each other in a special way: "Christ has risen!", "Truly risen." After the church, we gather at the same table. I love it the most. After all, a joyful festive atmosphere reigns around.

Easter for my family is joy and hope for the best. The feast of the Resurrection of the Lord really unites us and brings us together.

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