Composition “Responsibility for one’s actions”

“Responsibility for your actions” you can write a work using the presented option.

"We are responsible for our actions" composition

“Life to live is not a field to cross” - very often we came across these words in books. But each of us adheres to these commandments?

I think, to be a person with a capital letter, you need to learn how to be responsible for your thoughts and actions. After all, responsibility is an obligation to someone or something, and even to oneself. A person must realize that he is not only a member of the family and a citizen of his country, but also a resident of planet Earth. Therefore, each of our actions in one way or another will leave its mark on the family and the state.

I consider myself a responsible person. I try to keep track of my actions to the maximum. I am responsible to my friends for what I do and how I feel about them. I have best friends, so together we spend all our free time. I am responsible to myself for my actions. I learned to train willpower, respect my parents and protect the environment. And this is the main list of what everyone should do. Of course, this is hard work on oneself.

Unfortunately, today not all public figures feel the burden of responsibility. They do not want to fulfill their duties. Therefore, a period of chaos sets in.

Therefore, responsibility is one of the positive traits of a person. It is she who makes man human, educates internal values. Therefore, everyone should be aware why responsibility is important.

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