Composition on the theme “The work of the farmer”

An essay on the theme “The work of the farmer” tells what the farmers do and who the farmer is.

Story about the profession of a farmer

Bread is probably the holiest thing in the life of any person. Without it, it is impossible to imagine a table. After all, bread is wealth and prosperity. No wonder they say: bread is the head of everything.

In order for bread to get into our house, it goes a difficult way. And a man of a noble profession helps him in this - a farmer. It is he who puts his whole soul into this honorable and difficult task.

The farmer’s hands are golden, because they work by spending several weeks in the fields. Their palms are tanned, burnt by the sun. From dawn to dawn, they work like bees, not allowing themselves even a drop of rest. Indeed, not the earth will give birth, but the hands of the farmer.

The spring work of the farmer is called to create masterpieces. Each loaf smells of the labor and love of those people who put their whole soul into its creation.

Our land is fertile, generous. So she was from time immemorial. From time immemorial, farmers worked it, nurtured it. Spikelet to spikelet, in any weather, not afraid of either rain or snow. Therefore, this hard agricultural work must be respected for bringing holiness to our table.

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