Starling interesting facts

Interesting facts about starlings will tell a lot of interesting things about these birds.

Starling interesting facts

The species of starlings includes 12 species . Starlings populated almost all parts of the world.

Both parents feed the offspring; birds have to fly up to 400 times a day for food.
In one summer, they can breed two times.

Common starlings can imitate the singing of other birds , as well as reproduce many other sounds.

Starlings are omnivorous birds , that is, these birds eat both plant and animal food.

The average life expectancy of a starling in natural conditions is 12 years .

One pair of starlings exterminates about 8 thousand May beetles, and the total mass of insects destroyed during the feeding of the chicks is 6 kg per family.

They can be seen on the backs of sheep and cows, where they collect ticks and other parasites.

Starlings have special abilities to protect the entire flock, so in the event of an attack, they can react as one, quickly dispersing and regrouping.

The flight of starlings is a special sight. Birds gather in huge flocks of several thousand birds, they fly almost synchronously.

About 100 years ago, 60 pairs of starlings were released in New York. After 50 years, starlings became the most common birds in the United States.

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