"The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" the main characters

"The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" the main characters and their characteristics will help to understand the author’s intent.

Heroes of "Tales of the Golden Cockerel"

The main characters of the fairy tale "The Golden Cockerel":

  • King Dadon
  • Sage Stargazer
  • The Golden Cockerel.
  • Shamakhan Queen

"Tales of the Golden Cockerel" characterization of heroes

Tsar Radon is the main character of Pushkin's fairy tale. At the very beginning of the tale, he was called glorious, since he fought a lot from his youth and was not afraid to go to war against any of the neighbors. And at the time of approaching old age of Dadon, everything was the other way around: the king had to pay for his military youth. Once offended by the neighbors began to make campaigns towards his kingdom, attacking the former conqueror. The king received a golden parsley, which warned him of any external danger, in return undertaking to fulfill any desire of the sage. Fond of oriental beauties, the elderly Dadon refused to give the Sage the Shamahan damsel queen. Subsequently, Radon killed the sage, but he also died. It seems to me that this is the main idea of ​​the work that you have to pay for everything.

The sage (stargazer) is gray-haired, like a swan. The sage made a deal with Dadon. Having presented the Golden Cockerel to the king, he counted on the fulfillment of his desire. And he asked the Queen of Shamakhan for Rooster. But Dadon responded quite meanly and inflicted a fatal blow on the old man with a rod in the forehead (more precisely, on the forehead).

The Golden Cockerel is a magical character, giving signs of calm or restlessness on the borders of the Dadon state. He not only fulfills the role of defender of the state, but also the role of executioner. It was the cockerel who avenged Dadona for the death of his master - the Sage. Pecking the king in the crown, he killed him.

The Shamakhan queen is a beauty who has bewitched both Dido, his sons, and the sage with her charms. As a result, all four died. Looking at all these tragedies, the beauty queen only giggled and hahakala. So the queen's generous dishes turned into great misfortune.

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