Tale of Tsar Saltan main characters

The main characters of the tale of Tsar Saltan Pushkin and their characteristics will help prepare for the lesson.

Tale of Tsar Saltan main characters

Goodies "Tales of Tsar Saltan":

  • King Saltan, the father of Guidon and the husband of the queen;
  • The Queen, the wife of King Saltan, who was slandered and imprisoned in a barrel with her young son Guidon;
  • Prince Guidon, son of the queen and king Saltan;
  • The beautiful Princess Swan, beloved, subsequently beloved wife of Guidon;

Negative heroes of “Tales of Tsar Saltan” :

  • The weaver is the sister of the Queen and the cook. This is an envious, evil and negative character. Also, she is very touchy and vindictive, which is why she performs insidious acts.
  • The cook is the sister of the weaver and Queen. She, like the weaver, is a negative character, because she has qualities such as envy, vindictiveness, insidiousness and selfishness.
  • Swatya Baba Babriha - has such negative character traits as hatred, cruelty and revenge.

“Neutral” heroes of “Tales of Tsar Saltan”: squirrel, overseas guests, wind, wave, uncle Chernomor and 33 heroes; as well as a mosquito and a bumblebee, in which Prince Guidon turned.

"The Tale of Tsar Saltan" characteristic of the main characters

King Saltan is the sovereign of his kingdom. On the one hand, the king is a real warrior, courageous and strong, who is ready to fight for his state. On the other, it is a kind character who has a soft character. From the actions that this hero performs, it becomes clear that he is a simple, naive character and because of this, some readers may think that he is a weak-willed king. In fact, this is completely wrong. Just because of his good nature, he did not punish the evil and treacherous sisters, but rather, forgave them. King Saltan is merciful and generous.

Prince Gvidon is the son of Tsarina and Tsar Saltan. He was thrown in a barrel with the queen into the sea. But there he grows "not by the day, but by the hour" and becomes a beautiful, strong, courageous, brave young man. He protects the weak (saved the Swan Princess from the kite), rightly rules in the city on the island of Buyan, hospitably meets merchants floating by. This is a brave and strong hero.

The Swan Princess is a sensible and beautiful sorceress, sister of 33 sea heroes. It is she who, at the end of the tale, becomes the wife of Prince Guidon. The princess personifies magnanimity, wisdom and honesty.

The queen is a beautiful girl, in the future she will become the queen and mother of a beautiful hero. She is kind, honest, patient and kind-hearted.

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