"The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" the main characters

Who is the main character in “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish” you will learn by reading it briefly .

"The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" the main characters

  • Old man,
  • old woman
  • gold fish.

Goldfish - a fabulous character, distinguished by justice, honesty, creation, patience, disinterestedness, compassion (to the fisherman)

The character of the old man: soft, kind, malleable, unrequited, limp, humble.

The character of the old woman : domineering, vicious, greedy, rude, uncaring, demanding, ungrateful.

Readers do not like the character of the old woman, because her character traits are negative. They do not like greedy, rude, evil people in society, their actions are condemned. The old woman was punished for her greed and ingratitude - she again remained with a broken trough, in her dilapidated dugout.

The old man also does not cause sympathy. Yes, he had a soft, pliable, kind character. But humility, irresponsibility, compliance are positive traits only if they are justified. But in Pushkin’s fairy tale the old man didn’t have the courage to resist the greedy old woman, to object to her, to point out her wrong, to stop her greed. He "... did not dare to argue with her ..", blindly obeyed, fulfilling all her whims.

But in life there are times when you just need to show your character, perseverance, firmly say no. For example, if others or acquaintances ask you to do something that, in your opinion, is a bad deed.

This tale is instructive. The author shows that one cannot be greedy as an old woman, and supple as an old man.

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