"The Tale of Lost Time" main characters

"The Tale of Lost Time" the main characters and characteristics will help to understand what changes have occurred in their inner world.

Schwartz "The Tale of Lost Time" main characters

1) Petya Zubov - the main character of the work of E.L. Schwartz “The Tale of Lost Time”. The boy is in third grade;

2) Maroussia Pospelova, Vasya Zaitsev, Nadenka Sokolova - schoolchildren who, in the course of the plot, will age with Petya Zubov.

3) Evil wizards, mother Petit, aunt Natasha

Petya Zubov can be called a bummer who often loses time in vain. And once evil wizards, to become young, turn Petya and three more schoolchildren into old people.

But the children only looked like old people: they continued to play ball, pick out raisins from rolls, rode the tram “sausage”, played hopscotch.

The boys, who were turned into old people, had to find each other and at exactly twelve o'clock in the morning turn the arrow of walkers seventy-seven circles back in order to become children again.

Having survived these adventures, Petya and his school friends begin to understand what time is and how important it is. That on the one hand there is a lot of time, but on the other it flows very quickly. And how important it is to value it and not spend it on simple laziness

The Tale of Lost Time is a book that teaches you to treasure every moment. Lost does not return. Therefore, you need to value time and spend it to good use.

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