Shakespeare Chronological Table

William Shakespeare's chronological chart of the life and work of an English playwright is outlined in this article.

William Shakespeare Chronological Table

1564, April 23 - William Shakespeare was born in the glove family in the small town of Stratford-upon-Avon

1571-1578 - Shakespeare began studying at the Stratford grammar school - one of the best schools in England, in which the sons of citizens could get a completely free education. Here, young Shakespeare studied Latin and literature. But due to the deteriorating financial situation in the family, he was forced to leave school

1582 - Shakespeare marries Anne Hathway

1583 - the first child was born in the playwright's family - daughter Susan

1585 - birth in the family of the twin poet - daughter Judith and son Hamnet (he died at an early age)

1585-1590 - William Shakespeare leaves his native Stratford. After a while, he ends up in London, where he begins as an actor and playwright at a local theater

1590 - wrote the first play "Henry VI"

1592 - Shakespeare's poem Venus and Adonis, which was published eight times during the life of the playwright, was released

1593 - the poem "The dishonored Lucretius" and the play "Two Veronets"

1594 - the first tragedy of Titus Andronicus was released. He joined the troupe "Servants of the Lord Chamberlain", in which he worked until his retirement

1595 - the triumphant output of the plays The Taming of the Shrew and Midsummer Night's Dream, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

1596 - wrote the play “The Merchant of Venice”

1597-1598 - About five Shakespeare plays were published during this period.

1599 - The Globus Theater opens, co-owned by William Shakespeare. In honor of his discovery, he wrote the tragedy Julius Caesar and the comedy How You Like It. The phrase “The whole world is a theater” was displayed above the entrance to the theater, which became winged and significant for the playwright

1601-1602 — the tragedy Hamlet, the comedies Windsor Mockers and Twelfth Night are written

1603, March 28 - after the death of Queen Elizabeth, Jacob I ascended the throne and the troupe in which Shakespeare worked began to be called "Servants of His Majesty." She received a royal patent and was eligible for theater performances.

1604, November 1 - the play “Othello” was staged at the royal court. For the first time the role of Desdemona went to a woman - Margaret Hughes

1605 — The King Lear tragedy was written.

1606 - the Macbeth tragedy is written

1606-1609 — the last stage of Shakespeare's work. Shakespeare wrote plays - Timon of Athens, Anthony and Cleopatra and Coriolanus

1607 - Shakespeare's daughter, Susan marries Hall's physician. At the same time his brother dies - Edmund

1608 - Shakespeare's mother, Mary, dies. The poet had a granddaughter

1609 - the first and only lifetime edition of Shakespeare’s sonnets

1611 - the tragedy “Winter's Tale” was written

1612 - the tragicomedy "The Storm"

1613 - Shakespeare leaves London for Stratford

1616, March — Shakespeare makes a will.

1616, February - the youngest daughter Judith marries

1616 April 23 — William Shakespeare dies in his hometown. He was 52 years old

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