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"Darn needle" summary

"Darn needle" Andersen summary Proud darn needle was removed from the casket to sew up the cracked shoe, but it broke due to rough "black work". The fingers wanted to throw her away, but the cook attached a wax head to her and stabbed her like a brooch,

Schooner Columbus

Summary of Trublaini “Schooner Columbus” you can read in 35 minutes. Schooner Columbus chapter summary Part 1 Schooner Columbus summary 1. A stranger with an umbrella Marco, a young man from the schooner Columbus, returns from the lighthouse where they live

The Wizard's Hat Summary

“The Wizard's Hat” is a children's fairy tale by Tove Jansson, published in 1948. The Wizard's Hat Summary One spring morning, Moomin and his friends find the wizard's hat. They bring her home with them, but they don’t even suspect what will happen now. Moomin dad tries on