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Fedor Chaliapin short biography

Fedor Chaliapin biography of a briefly Russian opera and chamber singer outlined in this article. Fyodor Chaliapin short biography Fyodor Ivanovich was born on February 13, 1873 in Kazan, in a family of writers in the Zemstvo administration. Parents noticed the abilities of their son

Claude Shannon short biography and interesting facts

Claude Shannon, a brief biography and interesting facts from the life of an American engineer, cryptanalyst and mathematician, father of the information age, are outlined in this article. Claude Shannon short biography Claude Elwood Shannon was born on April 30, 1916 in the town

Eugene Schwartz biography for children

Schwartz, Evgeny Lvovich, a brief biography from the life of Russian Soviet prose writer and playwright, poet, journalist, and screenwriter is outlined in this article. Eugene Schwartz biography short A brief biography of Eugene Schwartz, begins on October 9, 1896, when he appeared on

Heinrich Schliemann short biography

Heinrich Schliemann a brief biography of the German archaeologist who discovered Troy is set out in this article. Heinrich Schliemann short biography The future archaeologist was born in Neybukov on January 6, 1822 in the family of a pastor. Systematic education, he never

Ivan Shishkin short biography

Ivan Shishkin a brief biography of the famous Russian artist is set out in this article. Ivan Shishkin biography briefly Famous paintings by Shishkin: “Autumn”, “Rye”, “Morning in a pine forest”, “Before a thunderstorm” and others. Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin was born on January 13 (25), 1832 in Elabuga

Ivan Shmelev short biography

Ivan Shmelev, a brief biography of a famous Russian writer is set out in this article. Ivan Sergeyevich Shmelev short biography Ivan Sergeyevich was born on September 21, 1873. Ivan received his first education under the guidance of his mother, who paid special attention to Russian literature. Studied in Moscow

Robert Schumann biography briefly

Robert Schumann A brief biography of the German composer is set out in this article. Biography and creativity of Robert Schumann Robert Schumann was born on June 8, 1810 in the small town of Zwickau, in a completely non-musical family. His parents were publishing

Shostakovich biography in English

Shostakovich biography in English is presented in this article. Dmitry Shostakovich biography in English Dmitri Shostakovich was a Soviet composerand pianist, and a prominent figure of 20th-century music. Shostakovich was born in St. Petersburg in 1906 and educated at the Petrograd

Shakespeare Biography in English

Shakespeare's short biography in English is presented in this article. Shakespeare English biography William Shakespeare is regarded by many as the greatest dramatist of all times. An Englishman, Shakespeare was also a poet and an actor.

Johann Strauss Short Biography

Johann Strauss (son) a brief biography is outlined in this article. Johann Strauss a short biography Johann Strauss-son is an Austrian composer, conductor and violinist, “King of the Waltz”. Born October 25, 1825 in Vienna. Johann's father was the famous composer Johann Strauss. The Strauss family had seven sons,