Sergey Prokofiev: personal life

Sergey Prokofiev: personal life

Sergei Prokofiev, a famous composer, was married twice.

With their first wife - Carolina (Lina) Kodina-Lyuber (1897-1989), they married in 1923. The couple met when the composer was on tour in Europe, in Spain. Lina was the daughter of Russian immigrants. Soon, two sons appeared in the family - Svyatoslav and Oleg. When Prokofiev returned to Moscow in 1936, his wife and children went with him. In Prokofiev’s family life, changes occurred in 1941 - even then he did not live with his family. In 1948, his wife was arrested on charges of espionage and sentenced to 20 years in maximum security camps.

In 1956 she was rehabilitated and returned to Moscow, later she managed to leave the USSR to Germany. Lina lived a long life and died in old age. All this time she loved Prokofiev and until the last days she remembered the first time she had seen and heard him at a concert. She adored Seryozha, his music and blamed Mira Mendelssohn for everything.

Abroad, the first wife was involved in the founding of the Prokofiev Foundation, which then grew into the Archive and the Prokofiev Association. Died in Germany in 1989.

In 1941, Prokofiev left Lina and sons for Mira Mendelssohn (1915-1968), whom she married in 1948 without a divorce. There were no children in the second marriage. The girl studied at the Literary Institute and was 24 years younger than her lover. After the death of Prokofiev, Mira bequeathed the entire archive of the composer to three state institutions (the Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture, the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art and the Prokofiev Children's Music School No. 1) and his sons.

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