Semyon Dezhnev short biography and interesting facts

Semyon Dezhnev, a brief biography and interesting facts from the life of the Cossack chieftain, explorer and Arctic mariner, one of the discoverers of the strait between North America and Asia, the North Pacific, the Chukchi Sea and the Chukchi Peninsula are described in this article.

Message about Semen Dezhnev

Dezhnev years of life - 1605 - 1673

He was born in Veliky Ustyug in a family of Pomors. Little is known about childhood. At the end of 1630, he began to serve as an ordinary Cossack in Tobolsk, after which he transferred to Yeniseysk. In 1638 he changed another place of service - he moved to the Yakutsk prison. In the period 1639 - 1640 he was engaged in collecting yasak (natural tax). A year later, Dezhnev receives an appointment to serve in the Stadukhin squad. In 1641, under his leadership, 14 people (including Dezhnev) went to Oymyakon to gather yasak from the Yakuts and Evenks. During the expedition, troubles constantly arose between two outstanding personalities. Having reached the left tributary of the Indigirka River, the detachment of Mikhailo Stadukhin from local residents heard about the fact that there is a kind of full-flowing river Kolyma down the river. They were the first to reach the mouth of a previously uncharted, mysterious river.

The explorer Semyon Dezhnev in 1647 was included in the expedition of the merchant Fedot Alekseev. Together they tried to swim near the coast of Chukotka, but the operation was unsuccessful. A year later, they make a second attempt, having sailed from the mouth of the Kolyma River in sailing ships. They reached the extreme point of northeast Asia, which will be called Cape Dezhnev. During the expedition, the trader dies from scurvy, and the further command passed to Semyon Ivanovich. On October 1, 1648, he made a landing at the Anadyr mouth, drawing up a drawing of the rivers, described the nature of Anadyr and the life of the Eskimos. Here he stayed for 11 years. In 1650, the traveler Semyon Dezhnev made an unsuccessful attempt to explore the Kamchatka Territory.

In the biography of Semyon Ivanovich, there were also two campaigns against the indigenous inhabitants of Kamchatka in 1654. During the first skirmish, he was stabbed in the chest with a knife. In 1671, after another trip, Dezhnev went to Moscow, where he became seriously ill and died, never returning to his native Yakutia.

What is interesting Semyon Dezhnev?

  • Interestingly, during the expedition, the merchant Alekseev included a Yakut woman with them, who was the first woman to participate in the polar expedition.
  • After a 40-year stay in Siberia, the traveler actively participated in skirmishes and battles. As a result, Dezhnev had more than 13 wounds. Although the members of his team describe Semyon Ivanovich as an honest and peace-loving person who strove to settle all matters without bloodshed.
  • The explorer Dezhnev was an illiterate man. All petitions and unsubscribes under his dictation were written by other people.
  • He was twice married to Yakut. His first wife is Abakayad Sichu, who gave birth to Dezhnev the son of Lyubim. After her death, he married a middle-aged woman named Kanteminka. The son of Athanasius was born in the marriage.

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