Christmas traditions of my family

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Composition: “Christmas in my family”

In our country there are a lot of religious holidays. Each of them is important, accompanied by certain actions and songs. Each has its own traditions, which appeared a very long time ago.

One of these special holidays is, rightly, considered Christmas. Why do I love Christmas? Because Christmas is a family holiday. What other drive can put together a huge family on a festive table?

My family celebrates Christmas with many traditions. Every year we learn a new carol, but always very old. We dress up in the most Christmas images and go caroling to the owners. This is a special action.

The holy evening in my family is also special. On the eve of Christmas, namely January 6, we are going to a huge rich, but fasting table. Be sure all family members take part in the preparation of twelve festive dishes in honor of the twelve apostles. The main Christmas and, of course, your favorite dish is kutya. Our kutia is special, because it is prepared with the addition of honey and nuts. We will begin dinner with prayer. Well, in the evening, young unmarried girls of our family begin to guess at the betrothed.

The Nativity of Christ is a holiday of peace, kindness, harmony in the family. Therefore, I believe that every family should glorify the birth of Jesus. And then everyone will get what he wants.

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